The Auto Swivel Dolly is the ORIGINAL under car dolly.
This dolly is manufactured in the United States and has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The Auto Swivel Dolly remains the simplest and most cost effective under car dolly on the market today.

With the variety of accessories offered by the manufacturer to transform the Auto Swivel Dolly into different tools, it can be used in the auto repair, auto body and transmission repair shops with very little ease.

The Auto Swivel Dolly will instantly adjust horizontally and vertically to adapt to almost any frame, body or chassis.

This Auto Swivel Dolly can be used with or without tires or wheels on the auto. There are no clamps, nuts or bolts necessary to be able to use the dolly. The design of the dolly places the outriggers in a permanent position when auto is placed on the dolly. There is no need for caster locks, although the factory does recommend chalking the wheels on the dolly while in use.

Can be used inside or outside the shop
With or without tires or wheels

Auto Swivel Dolly

Photo displays 1 Auto Swivel Dolly. Usually only one dolly is used under a car being worked on. Either the front or back, depending on need. Auto does not  need tires or wheels on to use the dolly.

Price includes shipping within the continental US


Auto Swivel Dolly Set

Includes 2 Auto Swivel Dollies. Sometimes the auto being worked on needs two dolly’s, one under the front and one under the back. No tires or wheels need to be on the auto while the dollies are being used. With two dollies under the auto, it can turn 360° in its own tracks.


Auto Swivel Dolly Pinch Clamp Set

Includes 2 pinch clamps. Auto body shops like the Pinch Clamp set because they can attach them to the auto body itself, without a frame or anything under the body. The pinch clamps tighten down on the weld bead firmly allowing the body to rotate 360° in its own tracks.


Auto Swivel Dolly Features

Heavy Duty Steel Construction






360 degrees

2 in. X 6 in. Swivel Casters - Non Slip Rubber Seats

3600 lb. Capacity

Weighs 60 lbs.
H = 13 in.
W = 17 in.
L = 60 in.

Optional Pinch Clamp Set

Auto Swivel Dolly Photos


"We figure this dolly paid for its self in less than a day."

After using the Auto Swivel Dolly for a couple of weeks, it has become the go-to dolly for most all our needs in the shop. For the price and quality of this dolly it is hard to find any piece of equipment that is more valuable and universal. A disassembled auto can now stay mobile while waiting on parts. We just let the auto down from the lifts right onto the dolly and roll it outside without the wheels on it. We bought 4 dollies and love them.

We figure this dolly paid for its self in less than a day.

Thank you R-2 Mfg. for the wonderful product. - Cory Super Tune

"We think all shops would benefit from these dollies."

We have been asked to write about the Auto Swivel Dolly manufactured by R-2 Mfg., Inc. It is one of the most useful pieces of equipment that has come along in a long time. We use them every day and they make moving or storing cars much more efficient. One man is all that is needed most of the time and our lifts are no longer tied up while we are waiting on parts. Beautiful craftsmanship and a very affordable dolly. We think all shops would benefit from these dollies. Once you use one you will see the need for several of them in your shop.

Way to go R-2 Mfg.!!!!! Thank You, -Joe & Lou Vancouver Transmission


The manufacture warrants the equipment or product to be free of defects in material and workmanship at the time of shipment from our factory. This warranty is subject to the following limitations:

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  • This limited warranty applies only to the original user/customer and only to the product and equipment which has been subjected to normal use and service.

  • This limited warranty is a lifetime warranty. All warranty work will be done at the factory and shipping charges will be the customer’s obligation.

  • This limited warranty will cover only the parts, structure, or components manufactured by the OEM. This machine is equipped with parts manufactured by companies other than the OEM, such as wheels, rubber strips or pads, hydraulic jacks, casters, engine, pumps, hydraulic components, etc. This limited warranty does not apply to such component parts, but such component parts may be warranted by the companies that manufacture them.

  • This limited warranty does not apply to regular maintenance replacement items, including but not limited to rubber strips, paint, etc. This limited warranty also does not apply to normal maintenance service and adjustments, including, but not limited to nut and bolt torque’s, lubricants, etc.

  • Unless notified in writing by the OEM, replacement parts must be returned to the OEM, transportation charges prepaid.

  • The OEM shall not be liable for defects, damages, or failures caused by unauthorized alterations, use of non-approved parts, unreasonable or necessary maintenance after the new machine is in service.

  • The OEM reserves the right to make design changes or any product improvement at anytime, without incurring any obligation to install same on units previously manufactured.

  • There are no warranties, expressed or implied, other than the limited warranty, as set forth above and this limited warranty supersedes any warranty, promises or representations previously made or issued. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE and the OEM hereby excludes all such warranties which might otherwise be implied by law.

  • The OEM’s liability for breach of this limited warranty, whether a claim or lawsuit is brought in contract, tort, or strict liability, shall be limited exclusively to repair or replacement of defective parts manufactured by the OEM. The OEM shall not be liable for any direct or indirect incidental or consequential damages of any kind which may result from defects in its products or from breach of this limited warranty, nor shall the OEM be liable for any damages resulting from a user/customer’s loss or use of this equipment.

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